Moon Hyun-bin turns a mistake into a masterpiece.

A brilliant defense at second base.

“It’s a very difficult one, and Lee Do-yoon makes a great cover on this one.”

Even with Ha Joo-seok’s early-season absence and Jeong Eun-won’s struggles, the Hanwha infield hasn’t felt gaping.

That’s thanks to Lee Do-yoon.

Even his hitting has been above expectations lately.

He leads the team in both batting average and slugging percentage this month.

[Lee Do-yoon/Hanwha]
“Last year, there were a lot of situations where if I didn’t hit a little bit, I was immediately replaced as a pinch hitter, but this year, they trusted me a little bit, so I feel like I have some space.”

Lee Do-yoon was selected in the third round of the 2014 draft.

I had high expectations, but the reality was different.

[Lee Do-yoon/Hanhwa]
“I think I took it too easy, thinking, ‘I can do that,’ but when I joined (the team) and started working out, I actually realized what kind of baseball I’ve been playing.”

Eight years in the organization and only 34 hits with the first team.

He thought about quitting baseball, but his seniors’ advice always helped him.

[Lee Do-yoon/Hanhwa]
“‘One chance will come at a time, and if you don’t grab it, it’s really over,’ said (Choi) Jae-hoon.”

After nine years of perseverance, the opportunity came, and Lee earned his spot.

He even got his own cheerleader a month ago.

[Lee Do-yoon/Hanwha]
“It was so good, I liked it a lot, but I didn’t hit it because I thought, ‘But it’s my first cheer, shouldn’t I listen to it?’ I was listening to it, and I struck out, so it was good luck.”

With the birth of her son last month, her responsibilities have grown.

[Lee Do-yoon/Hanhwa]
“When I’m up there (at the plate), I keep thinking, ‘I have a son at home.’ All my teammates were talking about it, too. Is there really a ‘formula buff’?”

The goal is simple.

To become an indispensable player on the team.

[Lee Do-yoon/Hanhwa]
“You have to be good for three years to be recognized as a starter, and I haven’t even been good for half a year yet. I’ve been thinking about it since I was a rookie, 카지노사이트킴 but I hope people recognize me as a player who should be on the team and a player who always works hard and tries.”

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