San Diego’s Tatis Jr. leads off with a single.

He boldly steals second base before the pitcher has even thrown the first pitch.

He almost gets caught, but the ball slips by first base.

Tatis Jr. rounded second base and made it safely to third.

And as the pitcher got into a ready stance with his back to him, he gained a little more of a lead.

He picks up the pace and steals home in a flash.

A perfect home steal before the pitcher even threw the ball.

The San Diego home fans went wild as he stole home from first base.

The pitcher, who hadn’t even given up a hit or a walk, couldn’t hide his dismay at having given up the run after throwing only one ball.

[Bob Melvin/San Diego manager].
“I joked with Tatis Jr. that he was like the witch who came home on a broomstick, and everybody’s going to have to be careful when he starts playing in the future.”

Kim led off the third inning with a single to right and scored the winning run on the next batter’s single, giving San Diego a 5-2 victory over Baltimore.

Tampa Bay laughed at a freak grounder.

Luke Reilly’s big shot hit the right field fence of the stone-built ballpark, 카지노사이트넷 then bounced off the top of the center field fence.

A misdirected center fielder tripped over the dynamic…

Railey sprinted home safely.

The first pinch-hit grounder in franchise history.

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