Kim Seo-hyun took the mound for his first start in 20 games.

Taking a deep breath, he throws a fastball that reaches 152 kilometers per hour.

He grounded the first batter, Son Asub, to second base.

The next batter, Park Min-woo, also made light work of the pitcher’s grounder.

I threw my first changeup to Park Gun-woo, but I didn’t have good control and threw a high fastball, allowing a double.

Then I threw a slider to the No. 4 hitter, Martin, and got caught, giving up the first run of the game.

Still, he struck out Kwon on a 150 mph fastball and took a breather.

In the second inning, he dropped his fastball down to the 140 mph range and was more shaky with his pitches.

Eventually, I gave up a one-out walk, a single to Son Ah-seob, and another run on Park Min-woo’s infield grounder.

After giving up another walk to a fan hoping for a strike, Hanwha went to the bullpen, and Kim Seo-hyun, who got Martin to ground out to end the inning, buried his face in his glove in self-pity.

Two innings, 44 pitches, four strikeouts.

Highlighted as a top rookie,먹튀검증토토사이트 Kim Seo-hyun was left with the task of regaining his velocity and looking forward to the next.

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