How did he hold his tongue for so long? Jürgen Klopp poked fun at his Liverpool teammates as he left the club.

“Klopp joked that he was forbidden to talk about five topics during his farewell speech at Liverpool,” British media outlet The Sun reported on Monday (KST).

Klopp, who will part ways with Liverpool at the end of this season, held a farewell party with fans at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena on Monday.

“Klopp was serenaded several times by the packed crowd as he spoke on a variety of topics,” The Sun explained.

Klopp revealed that there was an unwritten rule during the interview.

“No talking about the daytime (12:30) game, no talking about the referee, no talking about Man City, no talking about finances, no talking about VAR,” Klopp confessed.

He added that he didn’t know why.

Klopp then went on to take a mocking jab at rival clubs Manchester United and Chelsea.

“We should be really happy with Fenway Sports Group, not with the people who bought the London club (Chelsea),” he said, referring to the sacking of Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino after just one year. I wouldn’t have lasted a year under them either,” he said.

“At the moment when Chelsea were finally playing the kind of soccer that suggested they might be resurrected, they sacked the manager,” he said, delivering a direct hit to the 먹튀검증 Chelsea hierarchy.

Man United and their manager, Eric Tenakh, were not immune to Klopp’s arrows. Klopp criticized Tenach for his decision to sell Jadon Sancho to Dortmund after he clashed with him.

“When the whole world loses trust and faith in a player, the manager has to be behind the player. You can’t think ‘he’s useless’ like everyone else. It’s like sending a player you bought for £80 million out on loan,” he said, openly criticizing United.

Klopp took over at Liverpool in 2015 after stints with Bundesliga 토토사이트 추천 clubs Mainz and Dortmund. He has won one Premier League title, one FA Cup, one Champions League title, and two League Cups.

Klopp’s honesty is not likely to go down well with Man United or Chelsea fans.

Netizens reacted on social media with comments like, “So this is what a coach who won one title during the coronavirus said?”, “Thank God we have Pep Guardiola, if it wasn’t for him, Klopp would think he was a god”, and “Did he really say that?”.

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