Former national fencing champion Nam Hyun-hee has once again denied being an accomplice in the Jeon Cheong-jo fraud case.

On the 11th, Nam Hyun-hee sent a text message to reporters through her lawyer and gave her official stance.

Earlier, on March 10, Channel A reported that the parents who accused Nam Hyun-hee of being an accomplice of Jeon Cheong-jo were claiming that Nam Hyun-hee had benefited from the money they had transferred to her.

According to the report, it was confirmed that Nam Hyun-hee received more than 400 million won in cash through the account details of Jeon Cheong-jo.

Mr. and Mrs. A, parents of a fencing academy, were fooled by Jeon’s claims that they could earn several times their money by investing in unlisted stocks and took out a stock mortgage, sending 500 million won in June. Their total losses were reportedly 1.1 billion won.

On the same day, 330 million won was transferred to Nam Hyun-hee’s name and 140 million won to her account, claiming to be for a Bentley.

Ahn claimed that Nam Hyun-hee also knew about the investment discussions. On the other hand, Nam Hyun-hee reportedly claimed that she was not told about the investment during the police investigation.

It was confirmed that Nam Hyun-hee only received KRW 440 million in cash from Jeon Cheong-jo.

“After receiving a large amount of investment money by deceiving A, Jeon Cheong-jo used it to buy a Bentley to continue deceiving Nam Hyun-hee and also sent money to pay off her mortgage,” Nam Hyun-hee’s lawyer said, adding that Nam Hyun-hee did not know the source of the money was A at the time.

“Nam Hyun-hee believed Jeon Cheong-jo to be extremely rich and received the money from Mr. Jeon, who promised to marry her, and Mr. Jeon did not specifically disclose the source,” she added.

Nam Hyun-hee pointed out that Jeon Cheong-jo was trying to reconstruct the incident by taking advantage of the fact that there was a record of the bank transfer to her and distorting it to make her look like an accomplice.

He also said that Jeon Cheong-jo’s gift of a Bentley car and financial support was part of a “marriage bait and switch scheme” to keep Nam Hyun-hee in a relationship.

“As soon as he met his opponent, Jeon Cheong-jo made a huge offensive to win their hearts and then tricked them into marrying him,” the report said, adding, “In particular, in this case, he targeted wealthy victims around him with the famous Nam Hyun-hee as his host.”

He also claimed that people who invested in him were prevented from telling Nam Hyun-hee about their investments, and that his bodyguards monitored his every move.

In the past 10 days, police have identified 23 victims of Jeon’s scam, with a total loss of about 2.8 billion won.

Nam Hyun-hee submitted 48 items of money received from Jeon Cheong-jo, including a Bentley car and luxury goods, to the police and denied being an accomplice.

Jeon was detained by prosecutors on Tuesday. Police are investigating whether she colluded with Nam Hyun-hee. 토토사이트

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