The Heungkuk Life 토토사이트 squad has begun its final off-season preparations with a training camp in Japan as it looks to regain the title it lost in the 2023-24 season.

The team arrived in Japan on Thursday and set up training camp at the gym of sister club JT Marvels. The team then traveled directly to Himeji City, where they completed a practice match against Victory Himeji.

“Through this training camp, we will play as many practice games as possible to complete our offensive triangle centered on Kim Yeon-kyung,” the club explained their season plan.

If Kim is at the center of the offense, the defense is anchored by veteran libero Kim Hae-ran. Dubbed a “living legend” among Korean liberos, Hae-ran Kim has been working hard overseas to help the team regain the title they narrowly missed out on.

On the 15th of this month, during a practice match with Victorina Himeji, Kim Hae-ran said, “It’s been a long time. I feel like I’m in a good mood, but I’m also nervous because we’re here to train anyway,” she told the club.

As a mom, she has to spend a week away from her son during the training schedule. “That’s the most regrettable thing, and I miss (my son), but it’s okay because I think my son will know the importance of his mom after being away for a long time,” Kim Hae-ran said wittily.

In the previous season, 22-23, Heungkuk Life allowed Korea Expressway Corporation to complete the first reverse sweep in professional volleyball history in the championship game. In the midst of this, Kim Hae-ran’s tears were captured on camera and touched the hearts of fans.

“I think I had a little bit of a nightmare,” Kim Hae-ran said of the time. He continued, “It’s a season I don’t want to think about, and I think I should be a little more nervous because I felt like it was a good season, but the end was disappointing.” He and his teammates couldn’t hide their disappointment and simply burst into tears.

At 39 years old, she’s one of the oldest athletes in the world and could retire at any time.

And despite the difficulties of returning to the sport after having a baby, she is still a legend, with her rust-free skills, excellent digs, and reflexes.

When asked about how he feels every year, he said, “I’m actually always thinking about it being my last, so every day is precious.” “I’m trying to do my best because this day will never come (again),” he said.

While he loves his family, he also wants to stay in the game for a long time. When asked about the juniors who are thinking about getting married and having children, he gave some heartfelt advice, saying, “For those who are thinking about quitting, this life (playing) is really good and happy, but I want them to think about it a little more.”

Of course, the main goal for the upcoming season is to win the championship. “If you’re a player, your goal is to win the overall championship, and I’m aiming to win the championship because the season ended so badly last year. Personally, I have some injuries, but I want to play all the games without getting sick first.”

He also addressed the fans, saying, “We know that the fans are also disappointed (with the runner-up finish). We are preparing well, so I hope you will come to the game and join us, cheers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Heungkuk Life will begin its second practice game against the JT Marvels on the 16th.

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