KT Wiz

a professional baseball team that was at the bottom of the standings just two months ago

is riding a steep updraft and threatening the top spot.

From June 6 to the 7th of this month, when KT escaped from the bottom position

they won 15 games (50 losses, 35.15 winning percentage) in 0 games

soaring to third place.

kt is trailing second-place SSG Landers by just two games and is in the lead.

At the center of the rapid rise was the performance of the “starting pitcher Oh Musketeers”

who is not left out

but there are others who have played just as well.

Responsible for the back door are setup man Park Young-hyun (700) and finishing pitcher Kim Jae-yoon (3). 카지노사이트

In his second year

Young-Gun Park appeared in 2 games this season

posting a 19-32 record 2 holds, 52 saves, and a 3.3 ERA, making him one of the league’s top bullpen players.

In the hold category, SSG Landers Roh Kyung-eun (23) is in first place, beating him by 2 points.

Kim Jae-yoon is also having a career-high season.

In 2 games this season, he is 91-19 with 4 saves and a 1.39 ERA.

Kim has the lowest ERA of any pitcher on each team with 3 or more saves this season and runs allowed per inning (2.20· WHIP).

Park Young-hyun and Kim Jae-yoon’s “P-K Iron Wall” is unshakable.

KT is running based on a “winning formula” in which starting pitchers pitch more than six innings and put in Park Young-hyun in the eighth and Kim Jae-yoon in the ninth.

KT is on a whopping 1-game winning streak in the previous game from May 43 to the seventh inning.

During this period, the Park Young-hyun-Kim Jae-yoon iron wall never broke.

Park Young-hyun has 10 holds since May 0, while Kim Jae-yoon has 89 saves.

The two players are seeing synergy through friendly competition.

Kim Jae-yoon, whom I met at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 6th, said, “Park Young-hyun has grown into a top-class pitcher in the two years since his professional debut.

He’s a player who has a lot to learn.”

“I’m trying not to lose the finishing spot to Park Young-hyun,” he laughed, before adding, “Thanks to Park Young-hyun, I work harder. It’s like we’re giving each other a fresh impetus.”

“Senior Kim Jae-yoon is a pitcher who has a lot to learn,” Park said, “He asks a lot of questions.

I feel like I can throw my ball because I have a strong brother behind me.”

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