Tanner started against Hanwha in Changwon on the 15th and made a quality start with 6 hits (6 home runs) in 2 innings, 4 strikeouts, and 3 runs.

In his first at-bat, he pitched well and showed the stability and innings that NC expected.

He hit a solo home run in the first inning to Noh Si-hwan

who was in the top of the home run list

but he struggled without allowing another run until the fifth inning.

1~1 consecutive three-run innings in 5 innings. 스포츠토토

Against left-handed hitters

his slider

which curved wide to the outside

was powerful.

Left-handed hitters such as Kim In-hwan in the second inning

Lee Do-yoon in the third and Moon Hyun-bin couldn’t get the timing right on Tanner’s slider.

In his second at-bat of the fourth inning

right-hander Roh Si-hwan struck out Tanner’s low-pitched slider with his bat spinning.

In the sixth inning

he hit a two-run home run to Nick Williams at first base and scored an extra run

but he showed his strength by pitching safely.

His fastball wasn’t fast

with a maximum of 3 km/h

but in addition to his fastball (5)

he also increased his changeup rate (3)

changeup (2)

and curve (3)

which took away the timing of hitters appropriately.

NC coach Kang Won-won said of Tanner before the game

“He’s not a fastball pitcher

but he has good game management ability with a variety of pitches

so he can take long innings reliably.

While his predecessor Taylor Weidner (Samsung) had a fast ball and a good pitch

but his innings were unsatisfactory due to his ups and downs

Tanner showed efficiency from the start

taking charge of six innings with 86 balls.

The fast and aggressive pitching tempo also draws favor from fielders defending from behind. However

the power of the fastball

which had a maximum restraint of 6 km and an average of 144 km

was weakened, and if it caught even a little bit in the batsmen’s heating zone

it was hit.

Both Roh’s home runs in the first inning and Williams’ home runs in the sixth were hit while throwing fastballs.

Five of Tanner’s six hits on the day came on the pitch.


who saw both potential and complement in his debut

said after the game

“It was good to pitch in front of the fans for the first time and to catch my breath with my teammates.

Thanks to a lot of help from the defenders

I was able to keep my energy and pitch while keeping going

he said


Pitching was a new experience in a league with a different fan support culture.

I had a lot of fun while pitching.

We had a disappointing draw (140-1) today

but I will try to do my part to lead the team to victory.

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