“Lee Kang-In confirms transfer to PSG”…club official announcement imminent?


Lee Kang-in’s move to Paris Saint-Germain in France is being closely watched.Local media in Europe have been reporting on the specific salary of Lee Kang-in, and have already confirmed his move to PSG.Kwak Jun-young reports.


European media outlets, which are considered to be highly credible, are reporting that Lee Kang-in’s move to PSG has been finalized, even mentioning a specific transfer fee.A leading Spanish media outlet reported that Lee’s club, Mallorca, has finalized a transfer agreement with PSG and will receive a transfer fee of approximately 31.1 billion won.French outlets are also citing the same transfer fee and saying that unless there is a reversal, Lee will play for Paris.Romano, who is well versed in the transfer market, also reported that PSG will soon announce the appointment of Luis Enrique as their new coach and the arrival of Lee Kang-in.As such, Lee’s transfer rumors from the end of the La Liga season are becoming more concrete ahead of the new season, and his move to PSG is becoming more of an established fact.Lee Kang-in himself was coy about the transfer rumors,”There is nothing I can say right now. “National team coach Klinsmann has indirectly hinted at a move to PSG.”Maybe soon we will see a Korean player at a prestigious French club.”Lee, who arrived in South Korea last month to join Klinsmann’s squad, is currently preparing for the new season by working out privately in Korea.While a medical is usually required before a transfer is finalized, there have been reports that he had already completed it before arriving in the country, so an official announcement from the club may come sooner than expected.Kim Min-jae’s move to German giants Bayern Munich has also reportedly crossed the nine-division ridge.After three weeks of basic military training, Kim Min-jae is expected to leave for Germany and finalize the transfer as early as next week.

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