Gangnam Samsung Basketball Class Leaves for Japan to Compete in Kyushu’s Largest Tournament Tokimeki Cup

The Gangnam Samsung Youth Basketball Class departed for an elite basketball tournament in Fukuoka, Japan.

The Gangnam Samsung Youth Basketball Class, led by Director In Nam In,

departed for Fukuoka, Japan, for a three-day, three-night trip from the 14th to the 18th.

In August, the Gangnam Samsung Youth Basketball Class,

led by Innam and Coach Choi Wan-seung,

received some good news from across the ocean in Japan.

They were invited by the Kyushu Basketball Association to participate in the 25th Tokimeki Cup elite basketball tournament. 카지노사이트위키

The Tokimeki Cup is the largest club basketball tournament in Kyushu,

with 128 teams from across the region competing for the title.

The winner and runner-up of the tournament will qualify for the Asian Youth Basketball Club Championship next January.

Gangnam Samsung will compete against the top 23 teams from the Kyushu region.

A total of 12 players from the Gangnam Samsung U-12 team,

including Kang Hyun-mook, Kim Gun-ho, Kim Gun-hee, Kim Do-yul,

Kim Sung-yoon, Kim Yoo-chan, Kim Yun-sung, Yang Won-joon, Jang Dong-kyu,

Jung Woo-seok, Jung Chan-hee, and Cha Eun-hoo,

will be participating in the tournament,

accompanied by head coach Inna Nam and coach Choi Wan-seung.

This is quite unusual for a Korean youth basketball club,

and the aspiring basketball players of the Gangnam Samsung Youth Basketball Class will gain valuable experience through the tournament,

as they will not only promote basketball exchanges and friendship with Japanese teams,

but also receive lessons directly from Japanese youth coaches.

“We were invited to participate in the Tokimeki Cup by the Kyushu Basketball Association.

The Tokimeki Cup is the largest elite basketball tournament in the Kyushu region,

and not only elite teams participate, but also club teams.

It’s quite unusual for a youth basketball club operating in Korea to be invited to compete overseas.

We are looking forward to representing Korea in such a big tournament and hope to come back with a good experience.”

“I heard that Japan has recently produced a number of NBA players and became the first Asian team to defeat a European team (Finland) at the Basketball World Cup,

so the passion for basketball in the archipelago is high.

I also heard that the level of basketball in the Kyushu region is generally high.

In fact, Nihon Chuo High School and Ohori High School,

which compete for the title year after year, are also local schools,” he explained.

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