Why Yoon can’t smile even in victory, “My head hurts every game”

“We have injuries every game, and it’s making my head hurt.”

Gangwon FC defeated Jeonbuk Hyundai 2-1 in the 15th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon at 7:30 p.m. on Monday.

Gangwon took the lead in the fourth minute of the first half. After receiving a pass from Kim Dae-woo, Yang Min-hyuk beat goalkeeper Jung Min-ki with a powerful shot from the right flank. In the 24th minute, Kangwon equalized through Lee Young-jae, but the sending off of Jeon Byung-kwan in the 17th minute of the second half gave them the numerical advantage, and Yago scored the game-winner in the 33rd minute to seal the victory.

“I thought it would be difficult because we played today after two days off, but we scored quickly and had a good flow. We were heavy overall, but there were some things that went well and some things that didn’t, depending on how you build up. Overall, we moved well and Jeonbuk had one player sent off, which gave us a little bit more numerical advantage and created some opportunities to score,” said Kangwon.

Gangwon lost two players to injury in the match. In the 33rd minute, Lee Ki-seok was stretchered off after hitting Kim Dae-woo with a knee to the head, forcing Kim Kang-guk to come on as a quick substitute. In the 27th minute of the second half, Yoon Seok-young was replaced by Kang Too-ji due to injury. Nevertheless, Gangwon remained in the same formation and continued to harass Jeonbuk, earning their third consecutive league win in three years and seven months.

“We had some players out with injuries, but we had players who could fill in,” said Yoon. We responded well to the variables, and the content was not bad. I heard we’ve won three in a row in three years and seven months, which is a long time, so we’re missing some players, but we’re working hard and whoever comes in is doing their best. It would have been better if Yago and (Chung) Han-min scored in more of our chances.”

“My head hurts. There are injuries in every match. I’ll have to go back and look at it, but you can’t help but get injured, but you have to have the sense to avoid getting injured. (Kim) was hit and bumped and I think he’s going to be out for a while, and I think he’s getting over this hump. Right now, there are still matches and opportunities for other players, so I want to think about taking it in a good direction,” he added.

Yang Min-hyuk was the star performer for Gangwon on the day. He teamed up with Hwang Mungi on the right side. He scored a thunderbolt goal in the fourth minute of the first half, and even after the goal, he created a decisive chance for Jeong Jung-min in the 45th minute. For a semi-professional player, Yang Min-hyuk has 토토 been uncharacteristically prolific this season, leading Gangwon’s offense with four goals and two assists in 15 games.

“Jeonbuk’s (Ahn) Hyun-beom was very aggressive in attack, but we didn’t capitalize on that in the first half. (Yang) Min-hyuk played on the left in the second half and targeted that area a lot. It’s not easy to play 90 minutes in a row at his age, and I couldn’t do that when I was his age. I can only say it’s great and I think he’ll be a good player if he adapts a bit more.”

“I think he has confidence in himself and it shows on the pitch. His style is different from mine. I’m saying it’s great because I couldn’t do that when I was his age. Minhyuk seems to be using his speed, breakthroughs and clever catches, so it’s great to see. I think he has the potential to develop further. He’s still young, so he’s growing and he’s feeling it,” he added.

The match marked the official head coaching debut of Kim Doo-hyun. Last season, Kim served as Jeonbuk’s acting head coach following the resignation of Kim Sang-sik, posting a respectable record of five wins, two draws, and one loss, before taking over from Dan Petrescu on Nov. 27. Kim was looking for his first win in his debut, and Gangwon certainly spiced things up.

“I can’t say anything because the players are different from last year’s team, but I think the players were motivated, and I think that motivation led to the sending off, and we expected Jeonbuk to be 바카라사이트 추천 motivated as well, but I think our players played with a stronger spirit in terms of physical strength because it was a back-to-back game,” Yoon said.

Yang Min-hyuk was the star of the show, but the defenders also stood out, with Kim Young-bin and Lee Ki-hyuk combining to keep Jeonbuk’s attack at bay, while Yoon Seok-young and Hwang Moon-ki were central to the buildup. Goalkeeper Lee Kwang-yeon also did well to keep Jeonbuk’s shots at bay to preserve the one-point lead.

“In soccer, the spotlight is on the scorers, but I think it’s the defenders and goalkeepers who are dedicated in the most hidden places, and (Lee) Kwang-yeon also made saves when he was in danger, and that’s what led to the victory. If they can’t protect, the players in front of them will have trouble scoring. At the back, (Hwang) Mungi, (Kim) Young-bin, (Lee) Ki-hyuk, (Kang) Tuji, and (Yoon) Seok-young are also doing their part by throwing their bodies in.”

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