Polpo Pasta, octopus and black squid ink pasta visualizing King Lear's downfall, is the main course for a collaboration menu created by Central Yunit and the National Changgeuk Company of Korea in celebration of changgeuk (traditional Korean opera) adaptation of Shakespeare's 'King Lear.' Courtesy of Central Yunit

Central Yunit, a farm-to-table restaurant located inside the National Theater of Korea, at the base of Mount Nam in Seoul, unveiled an innovative culinary experience that transports diners into the world of Shakespeare’s “King Lear.”The menu, created in collaboration with the National Changgeuk Company of Korea, draws inspiration from the “changgeuk” (traditional Korean opera) adaptation of “Lear,” which was acclaimed for its portrayal of King Lear’s descent into madness through the Korean narrative music style known as “pansori.”Each dish on the “Lear” menu is accompanied by a card that describes the characters and story, enhancing the thematic dining experience. The meal begins with three amuse-bouches, each symbolizing one of Lear’s daughters.”The taco represents the eldest Goneril. I tried to capture her somber, yet secretive nature with a shrimp encased in a black taco shell, covered with aioli. The contrast between the crunchy shell and the tender shrimp mirrors the complex duality of the character,” Park Sun-woo, head chef of Central Yunit, told The Korea Times, April 17.

The second daughter, Regan, is captured with a red-colored cannoli.”Regan’s cannoli is made from a blackish-red shell, tinted with beet to lend a touch of glamor, reflecting her winning of Edmund’s love. Filled with cream cheese and a whole blueberry, the filling bursts from the shell, symbolizing the eruption of deep-seated human desires,” Park explained. The youngest and King Lear’s favorite, Cordelia, is a ratatouille in a black tart shell, topped with grated cheese.”The choice of ratatouille is inspired by her marriage to the French King. This amuse-bouche is warmer than the two others, highlighting the dutiful and sweet character of Cordelia,” he said.The main course features Polpo Pasta, with octopus and black squid ink pasta visualizing King Lear’s downfall, inspired by the changgeuk’s innovative 슬롯게이밍 set design which used water to represent the emotional and physical landscape of the characters.

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