The No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 rookie draft. When will Hanwha Eagles’ Hwang Jun-seo make his first-team debut? Hwang Jun-seo, who has been touted as a top pitcher since he was a student at Jangchung High School, is in his first professional season with Hanwha. His first-team debut is yet to come. After spring training and exhibition games, Hwang started the regular season with the second team instead of the first. This was because he needed more time to hone his skills. He was also selected for the national baseball team, Team Korea, where he showed his mettle against the LA Dodgers bats, but the reality of the professional world was sobering.

Hwang started the Futures’ game against the SSG Landers’ second team on July 27, giving up one run on three hits (one home run) in four innings with three strikeouts and two walks. 카지노사이트 While he walked and hit a batter, it was encouraging to see that he kept the runs to a minimum with only one solo home run.

Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho smiled when asked about Hwang Jun-seo’s preparation in the second team, saying, “I got a report that he was fine overall.” However, he said that the area he needs to work on the most in the second team is perfecting his changeup, not his forkball. “Jun-seo relies too much on his fastball and forkball,” Choi said. We’ve been talking a lot about making him throw more curveballs and sliders. So far, he relies too much on his forkball. I have to keep throwing curveballs and sliders. I’d like to see him throw a little more variety with his changeup.”

Hwang Jun-seo has been confident with his forkball since high school,

But to survive in the pros, he needs more than just a forkball; he needs another weapon. “My curve is fine,” Choi Won-ho said. His slider is actually a little weak, so he rarely throws it, but I keep telling him to throw it. He’s so confident in his forkball that he keeps throwing it when the bases are loaded,” Choi said, adding, “If he goes to the bullpen, he’ll be fine with just the forkball, but in the long run, if he wants to be a starter, he needs to train with a variety of pitches.”

For the time being, he will train with the second team to prepare for his debut. As for the timing of the call-up, Choi Won-ho added, “For now, I think we’ll have to think about it if there are any problems in the first team or if there is a situation where we need to change the roster.”

Hanwha currently has Moon Dong-joo, a core starter, Kim Seo-hyun, who joined the organization last year, and Hwang Jun-seo this year. For the third year in a row, 메이저사이트 Hanwha has had the top three pitchers in the draft. With the addition of Hwang Jun-seo, who has been labeled as a steady pitcher since his amateur days, the team could be a real powerhouse on the mound.

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