Interest in recruiting coach Alonso, which was hot, suddenly got cold

Leverkusen coach Xavi Alonso, who received the most attention not so long ago, is rapidly cooling down. Famous clubs that targeted Alonso have announced that they will give up or are reluctant to recruit him. Some predict that Alonso will not move to a new team and will remain with Leverkusen.

The British media Daily Star reported on the 29th (Korean time) that while Alonso is almost certain not to become the next Liverpool coach, Bayern Munich is not expected to recruit Alonso either. Alonso is the star-studded coach who is drawing the most attention in the European soccer community this season. He showed off his world-class skills through Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Munich when he was an active player at 토토사이트, and started as a professional coach in earnest, starting with Real Sociedad youth coach after retirement and taking the helm of Leverkusen in the middle of last season.

Alonso’s competence was revealed in a year.

Leverkusen is on the verge of winning the Bundesliga title this season, leading to its unbeaten record (22 wins and 4 draws). As a result, many clubs seek to recruit Alonso. Liverpool F.C. manager Jurgen Klopp, who has been leading the team, declared that he would leave the team for the last time in this season, and is now on the verge of signing Alonso.

In addition, Munich, which was on the verge of losing the Bundesliga title for 12 consecutive seasons after losing to Alonso’s Leverkusen, also pushed ahead with plans to replace Thomas Tuchel and recruit Alonso. The competition among big clubs for Alonso was getting fiercer.

However, the mood has suddenly changed. The Daily Star reported that the club has reportedly given up its hope to recruit Alonso this summer. The Daily Star quoted a report by the Telegraph saying that the club decided that it would not be able to recruit Alonso this summer and excluded Alonso from the shortlist for the next coach.

Leaning towards remaining Leverkusen…

In addition, Liverpool’s decision could be interpreted as giving up on Alonso as well. Munich’s honorary chairman Uli Hönes said of Alonso’s recruitment, “We need to see if it will be possible within this year. It will be very difficult, if not impossible. As far as I know, Alonso wants to stay at Leverkusen.”

In the end, Alonso’s decision seemed to lean toward remaining in Leverkusen, creating an atmosphere in which both Liverpool and Munich are stepping out of the recruitment race early.

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