Former national baseball team member Oh Jae-won arrested by police on drug use charges

Former baseball player Oh Jae-won (39), who received both praise as a ‘player full of fighting spirit’ and criticism as a ‘controversial player’ during his active career, was arrested by the police on charges of drug use.

Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced on the 19th that it was arresting Oh Jae-won on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act and is investigating.

Oh Jae-won, who joined the Doosan Bears in 2007, played for only one team for 16 seasons until 2022, appearing in 1,570 first-team games and posting a batting average of 0.267, 64 home runs, 521 RBIs, 678 runs, and 289 stolen bases.

Jaewon Oh played as a key infielder while Doosan advanced to the Korean Series for seven consecutive seasons from 2015 to 2021 and won three times (2015, 2016, 2019).

In 2015 and 2019, he wore the ‘championship armband’ and lifted the championship trophy.

Oh Jae-won also wore the Taegeuk symbol at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2015 Premier 12.

Oh Jae-won, who had clashes with players from other clubs due to his somewhat extreme behavior during his active years, became the subject of gossip more often after retirement.

In an interview with a media outlet, he said, “I hate The Korean Express (Park Chan-ho) very much,” and “I don’t think he knows how grateful the entire nation was when they woke up early in the morning to support him. (Park Chan-ho) There were one or two players who made fools while commentating. “No, I did not take responsibility for that,” he claimed, sparking controversy.

At the time, public opinion supported Park Chan-ho, special advisor to the San Diego Padres.

When Oh Jae-won was working as a TV commentator, when a pitcher threw a ball that hit his body, he said, “He hit me outright. I hate situations like this the most,” and concluded that it was an “intentional empty ball,” drawing criticism both inside and outside the stadium. 토토사이트

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