“I can’t imagine the great disappointment and harm caused by this inadvertently posted post.”
2020 Tokyo Olympics Archery Triple Crown Winner Ansan

Ansan (23, Gwangju Bank), three-time archery gold medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, said on the 19th, “I apologize to the CEO of the restaurant company, the store owner, and everyone who has been greatly hurt by me.”

On this day, Ansan said through his SNS (social media) account, “Through this incident, I once again felt the weight of being an athlete representing the country and a public figure,” and added, “It will be an opportunity to grow into a more mature person.” He compared himself to a ‘traitor’ and apologized for his actions that caused a stir.

He added, “I never imagined that an inadvertently posted post would cause such great disappointment and damage,” and added, “If given the opportunity, I will meet the CEO in person and apologize.”

Ansan, controversy over “Why are there so many traitors” in a Japanese-style bar?

On the 16th, Ansan posted a photo of an electronic display board with the words ‘International flight departure (to Japan)’ written in Japanese Chinese characters on his SNS and wrote, “Why are there so many traitors in Korea?” without any explanation.

This electronic display board was installed to decorate the entrance to a Japanese-themed street at a shopping mall in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju.
Ansan’s post has now been deleted, but the captured content was shared with online communities, sparking a flood of so-called ‘malicious comments’ about the Japanese-style bar located here.

As the controversy spread, Lee Jong-min, head of the Self-Employed Solidarity, filed a complaint to the police against Ansan on charges of defamation, saying, “We want to sound the alarm on the attitude of some irresponsible people who do not care about the damage suffered by self-employed people.”

Representative Lee later issued a statement on social media, saying, “I will withdraw the complaint if you acknowledge that it was a careless remark and post a sincere apology.” 고스톱

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