North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, left, attends a ceremony alongside his daughter, believed to be named Ju-ae, to mark the completion of the Kangdong Greenhouse Farm in Pyongyang, Friday. Yonhap

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s young daughter has been referred to as a “great person of guidance,” sparking renewed speculation that she could be seen as her father’s potential heir.Rodong Sinmun, North Korea’s official newspaper, used honorifics exclusively for Kim and his daughter, believed to be named Ju-ae, in the coverage of their inspection of a greenhouse farm in Pyongyang. Saturday’s issue of the newspaper referred to them as the “great persons of guidance” while delivering the news that the two had attended a ceremony marking the completion of the Kangdong Greenhouse Farm in Pyongyang on Friday.“The great persons of guidance, together with cadres of the Party, the government and the military, went around the farm,” it reported.This was the first time Kim’s daughter had been described as such by the North. She has been reported by North Korea’s state media on 26 occasions since November 2022. Among them, 23 were military-related activities. The other three public appearances so far were made during economic activities.

On Saturday, she was seen using binoculars to observe paratrooper drills, with her father.Experts say Ju-ae’s repeated exposure in state media highlights her special role in North Korean politics and potential rise to power.“The North Korean term ‘hyangdo’ means guidance and is used only to refer to top leaders or successors,” said Cheong Seong-chang, director of the Center for Korean Peninsula Strategy at the Sejong Institute. “The level of personal worship for Ju-ae suggests that she will likely succeed Kim Jong-un to be the next leader of North Korea.”Cheong added that Ju-ae’s role has been expanded to the economy and other areas, hinting at North Korean leader’s strong willingness to promote Ju-ae as his successor.Ju-ae made her first public appearance in late 2022 when she accompanied her father to the launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile. Since then, she has been spotted at many of her father’s public activities, including military drills. Her title had been changed over time, from “beloved child” to “respected child” to “morning 온라인카지노 star general.”

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