‘Lion King’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic is furious. The target of his anger is former Tottenham manager Antonio Conte. What happened to them.

AC Milan are third in the Italian Serie A this season, behind Inter Milan and Juventus. The title race seems to be a two-horse race between Inter Milan and Juventus. Inter Milan is in first place with 54 points and Juventus is in second place with 53 points. It’s a tight race. AC Milan is third with 49 points. They are the closest of the three Italian clubs.

A bruised ego has led to reports that AC Milan are looking to fire head coach Stefano Paoli and hire a new manager. Local media is reporting that the leading candidate is Antonio Conte, who is still without a job after being sacked by Tottenham in England. Conte is also reportedly looking to return to his native Italy.   

Local Italian media reported that Conte is a favorite because of his communication with Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic recently returned to AC Milan as a senior advisor.

“Ibrahimovic played a big role in Conte’s decision to come to AC Milan,” the local media reported. As a senior advisor to AC Milan, Ibrahimovic had many conversations with 온라인카지노사이트 Conte and convinced him to join the club.” This led to speculation that Conte was persuaded by Ibrahimovic to accept the AC Milan job.   

Ibrahimovic was outraged by these reports. He called it “fake news. “Ibrahimovic is furious about the rumors of Conte’s appointment and Ibrahimovic’s role in it,” Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport reported.

“It was claimed that Ibrahimovic met with Conte over the sacking of Paoli. In response, Ibrahimovic emphasized that he ‘hasn’t spoken to Conte in eight years’. The priority for Ibrahimovic is Paoli, not Conte,” he said.

“Ibrahimovic said that Paoli is the coach of AC Milan and that he is happy to be with him,” the source added.


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