winter training team

The bitter cold in Haenam, Jeollanam-do was filled with hot sports enthusiasm.With the 2023-2024 winter training in full swing, about 150 national team candidates and aspiring athletes who will lead the future of Korean sports visited Haenam.Those who began training on the 4th are athletes in track and field jumping and middle and long distance events, and chose Haenam as their winter training site, continuing last year.The team leader said, “Haenam is a place where you can achieve better training results than expected due to the well-equipped sports infrastructure, warm weather, and generous people,” and added, “Last year, the players who developed their skills in the winter in Haenam achieved good results, such as advancing to the world stage. “I have high expectations for this training,” he said.

It turned out that 344 people from 17 teams, including track and field, soccer, and fencing, came to Haenam for winter training, starting with the national wheelchair fencing team in November last year.Currently, about 600 athletes, including soccer, basketball, and baseball players, are staying in Haenam.Athletes from various sports, including modern pentathlon, baseball, fencing, kendo, and wrestling, are scheduled to visit in the future.Haenam is expected to participate in 12 sports, 140 teams, and 30,000 people during this winter training period.The local economy is also receiving a boost by attracting training teams.In the case of long-term training, the athletes, who stay for 30 to 90 days, stay in the county and use local lodging and restaurants, revitalizing the local economy during the tourism off-season.County Governor Myeong Hyeon-gwan said on the 12th, “We will speed up the construction of infrastructure, 카지노사이트킹 including the construction of a sports park, and make more efforts to operate a high-quality winter training base and programs.”

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