“I told him to be successful and come back.”

LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yup was determined. He was worried about his team’s strength, but he supported his protégé’s determination.

LG closer Woo-seok Goes to the Major Leagues Go Woo-seok’s new team is the San Diego Padres, the team of Kim Ha-seong.

On March 3, LG allowed Go Woo-seok to enter the major leagues. Depending on the results of the post, the company will decide on the player’s salary and compensation. A day before the deadline, we received an offer and sent him to the U.S. for the big game. The offer was reportedly not as good as expected, but the player’s future was more important.

Yeom was also a strong supporter of Go Woo-seok’s move to the United States.

Last season, the team won its first championship in 29 years. This year, they need to win back-to-back titles, so they could really use Go Woo-seok to finish the job. However, Yeom helped his protégé travel to the U.S. by actively promoting him in San Diego, where he received coaching training.

Yeom said, “Go Woo-seok called me before he got on the plane. 안전놀이터 He said thank you. I told him to be grateful to the club for making a difficult decision.”

“I told him, ‘Please succeed and come back to LG,'” Yeom continued, “and I’m sure he can do it. He has the qualities to play well in the United States. I applaud his passion to challenge himself.”

Since the news of Ko Woo-seok’s departure, Yeom has been eyeing Yoo Young-chan as a possible closing replacement. “Of course, from a manager’s point of view, there is a big difference between having a pitcher who can save 40 saves and not having one. But you can’t stop a player’s dreams. I prepared early, so it’s okay. This is what I have to do. Now I have a goal to develop Young Chan-i into a pitcher who can play as a closer for the next five to six years or more.”

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