Korean figure men’s singles standout Cha Jun-hwan (Korea University) took the lead in the short program at the 2023 KB Financial National Men’s and Women’s Figure Skating Championships. Cha finished first in the men’s single short program at the Uijeongbu Indoor Ice Center in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, on Feb. 2 with a technical score of 45.11, a performance score of 42.17 and a deduction of one for a total of 86.28 points. The winner of three ISU Junior Grand Prix events this season, Min Seong-kyu (Kyungshin Jung), finished second with 82.81 points, followed by Lim Joo-heon (Surigyo-79.41 points), who qualified for the Grand Prix Final after winning one gold (six events) and one silver (four events) in the ISU Junior Grand Prix series .Cha, who withdrew from the fifth ISU Senior Grand Prix due to a right ankle injury, was forced to compete in the event despite not feeling well.

As the last of the 10 competitors to perform, Cha landed his first jump, a quadruple salco (9.70 base score), on his hips, which resulted in a penalty of one point and a 4.85 GOE. After catching his breath, Cha landed a clean triple lutz-triple loop combination jump (base score 10.80) for a GOE of 1.53 points, and then upped his score by executing a flying camel spin to level 4 .Cha earned a GOE of 1.76 for her triple axel (base score of 8.80), which she performed in the extra credit section, and closed out her performance with a change foot sitspin, change foot combination spin, and step sequence, all executed at the highest difficulty level of Level 4.Earlier, in the Ice Dance Rhythmic Dance, the only other pair to compete, Lim Hae-Na and Quan Ye, earned a combined score 온라인카지노 of 69.17 points with a TES of 39.71 and a PCS of 29.46.

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