“I think it’s a good feeling.”

Cameroonian Leticia Moma Bassoko (30-Hyundai E&C, registered name: Moma) played for GS Caltex until last year.

During her two seasons with GS Caltex, she made a name for herself as an exceptional foreign player, ranking among the top attackers. This season, Moma made a fresh start with Hyundai E&C.

He was unable to prevent his team’s 0-3 defeat against Jangchung in the first round, but redeemed himself with a 3-1 win in Suwon in the second round. And round three. Again in Jangchung, they got their revenge.

With 23 points and a 44.44% attack percentage, she bombarded GS Caltex’s court. Yang Hyo-jin (17 points, 66.67% attacking percentage) and Lee Da-hyun (9 points, 72.73% attacking percentage) also contributed to the shutout.

“We prepared very hard, and I think we were able to start the third round with a lot of focus,” said Moma after the game, “thanks to the hard work of all the players.”

The familiar home court of Changchung is now an away court. When Moma talked about traveling to Changchung, Yang Hyo-jin, who was also in the interview room, laughed and said, “I don’t think it’s awkward.”

“I think it’s a good feeling,” Moma said. Knowing Changchung well makes it easier to play,” she said.

Knowing the GS Caltex team well could have helped, but Moma said, “It might have helped a little bit, but I wouldn’t say the team is the same as last year’s team. I think it was a good structural fit.”

After finishing the first round with three wins and three losses, Hyundai E&C has been on a roll lately, winning five straight games.

“In the first round, every team was trying to do their best, and I think that had an impact. It also took time for the team to adjust. In the third round, I think it’s good that we got used to the game. I think we’ll get better as time goes on.”


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