IPC Lifts Ban on Russian Disabled Athletes… Return to the Paralympic Games in 2024

The IOC will discuss the general meeting next month… Will the Olympics return?

The Russian disabled national team, which was suspended from international competitions due to the invasion of Ukraine,

will participate in the 2024 Paris Summer Paralympic Games.

International Paralympic Committee

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced on the 29th (Korean time),

“The result of the vote on maintaining Russia’s membership suspension at the IPC general meeting

held in Bahrain was 74 votes against, 65 votes in favor, and 13 abstentions.” 온라인카지노

Reuters explained, “Russia will now be able to participate in next year’s Paris Paralympic Games either normally or as neutral athletes.”

At an extraordinary general meeting held in Berlin, Germany last November,

the IPC suspended Russia’s membership due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Afterwards, Russia made moves to return to international competition

by filing a complaint with the IPC Independent Appeals Tribunal regarding disqualification.

The IPC Independent Appeals Tribunal partially ruled in favor of Russia,

saying there were technical problems with the IPC’s disciplinary process,

the IPC announced that it would discuss reinstating Russia’s membership at this general meeting.

Paralympic Games

More than half of the IPC member countries supported Russia’s return to the international stage, and as a result,

Russia will enter the Paralympic Games three years after the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games held in 2021.

Russia sent 71 athletes to the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games last year,

but received a ban from the IPC due to strong criticism from athletes from each country and sent them packing.

As the Russian disabled national team was able to participate in the Paralympic Games,

the largest international sports competition,

a green light was given for Russia’s return to the Olympics.

The IPC’s decision is expected to affect Russia’s return to the Olympics.

The Paralympic Games are closely linked, using the same stadium after the Olympics.

Russia’s participation in the Paris Olympics will soon be decided.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) plans to discuss Russia’s return to the Olympics at its general meeting

held in Mumbai, India from the 15th to the 17th of next month.

Meanwhile, the IPC is also planning to decide on the reinstatement of Belarus,

which was also suspended for helping Russia invade Ukraine.

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