[Asian Games] North Korean Women’s Basketball Coach Says, “The Players Participating in the First International Game Made a Lot of Mistakes”

Coach Seongsim Jeong of the North Korean women’s basketball team at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games pointed out the reason for the loss in the match against South Korea on the 29th,

saying, “There were a lot of mistakes in the game because there were many players participating in an international game for the first time.”

Asian Games

At a press conference held after the game held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center this afternoon,

Coach Jeong said, “Today’s game did not go well, but a game can be won or lost, right?

“We do not lose faith,” he said.

In the second match of Group C of the women’s group stage, South Korea, led by coach Jeong Seon-min,

defeated North Korea 81-62. With

two wins following the previous victory against Thailand, Korea advanced to the quarterfinals.

Advancement was virtually confirmed. 토토사이트

Korea will play its final group match against Chinese Taipei on October 1.

When asked if he was nervous ahead of the match against South Korea,

Coach Seong-sim Jeong emphasized in a strong voice,

“I am neither nervous nor afraid.”

North Korea is placing high hopes on center Park Jin-ah, born in 2003, who is 205cm tall in this tournament.

Jinah Park showed a powerful performance in the early part of the game, but towards the end,

she struggled a little in her matchup with Jisoo Park.

Jeong Seong-sim

When asked about his evaluation, Coach Jeong said, “Our player Jin-ah Park is currently one of the tallest players in Asia,”

emphasized that this Asian Games was his first international game.

He continued, “I don’t lose faith at all.

“It’s very good,” he said, adding, “Park Jin-ah will continue to train a lot to show even better performances in the future.”

Kang Hyang-mi of the North Korean team said, “Our team didn’t do as well as we thought in the game today.”

“This happened because we did not manage the game well,

but I will prepare well for the game in the future and show a great game,” he said.

At the press conference on this day, when a media outlet asked whether North and South Korea would be able to form a unified team again,

North Korea, who was present at the press conference,

A side official refused to answer, saying, “It has nothing to do with today’s game.”

Also, when a South Korean reporter asked a question,

calling it “North Korea,” he refused to answer, asking for the correct name of the country.

North Korea’s official name is “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”

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