Gimhae City, Gyeongnam, announced on the 17th that the 3rd Gimhae Mayor’s Boat National Mountain Bike Competition will be held on the 22nd in Bunseongsan and Sinsan Mountain in Gimhae.Organized and hosted by the Gimhae City Bicycle Federation and sponsored by Gimhae City and Gimhae City Sports Association, more than 400 cyclists from all over the country will gather in Gimhae to compete in MTB cross-country.The competition is divided into seven categories: senior, veteran, master, grandmaster, super grandmaster, women’s first division, and women’s second division.”As it is a long-distance race on rough mountain roads, we will ensure the protection of the participants by deploying marshals for each section and purchasing group insurance for the participating teams in case of safety accidents 안전놀이터 that may occur during the race,” the organizers said.

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