North Korean supporters cheer during the women’s basketball group C match between South Korea and North Korea at the

Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in Hangzhou, China, Monday afternoon.

North Korea has won gold in the first weightlifting event of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. Ri Sung-gyum, 26, of the women’s

49-kilogram category, won her second consecutive gold medal in the event.

Ri won the women’s 49kg weightlifting event at the Shaoshan Sports Center Gymnasium on Tuesday with a lift of 92kg, a snatch

of 124kg and a total of 216kg. Her lifts and total are world records.

Li finished ahead of Zhang Huihua (CHN), who totaled 213 kg (94 kg in the lift and 119 kg in the snatch).

Li, who won the women’s 48kg at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, won her second consecutive title in the lightest weight category.

After finishing second to Zhang Huihua in Yinjiang, Li pulled off an upset in Yongshang.

After Zhang Huihua lifted 111 kilograms in the first period of the long jump, Li lifted 117 kilograms to take the midway lead.

From that point on, the match boiled down to a gold medal showdown between the ‘second-rounders’ Li Shengkeum and Zhang Huihua.

Zhang Huihua

Lifted 117 kilograms in the second period and 119 kilograms in the third period to finish with a total of 213 kilograms.

With two chances left, Li Shenggeum requested 122 kilograms in the second period to take the top spot, which she did, securing the gold medal.

After securing her second straight victory, she went for a new record. She lifted 124 kilograms in the final period, breaking the

world record in both the dragon and total categories.

Ri’s victory was North Korea’s fourth gold medal of the Games. North Korea now stands ninth overall with four gold, six silver

and four bronze medals. 고스톱

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