The Korea Drone Football Association issued a statement on the 13th, saying that the FAI is planning to hold a similar drone soccer tournament at the World Drone Racing Championship in Namwon in October, and called for its withdrawal. “The FAI’s drone soccer competition has incomplete regulations and no referees, so it cannot be recognized as drone soccer, and we demand that the name drone soccer not be used,” the association said in a statement .”The FAI has no experience in organizing drone soccer tournaments, training referees, or developing leaders,” the association warned, “and we will strongly block any attempts to organize similar tournaments using the drone soccer infrastructure built by the Korea Drone Soccer Association.”” The FAI is pushing ahead with the tournament despite the opposition of the government and local governments,” he said, “The standards of drone soccer should not be compromised for the sake of a particular group.” The Korea Drone Football Association was launched in 2018 at the initiative of Jeonju City and Camptic Institute of Technology, and is promoting a plan to host the World Drone Football Cup in 2025 after forming the 스포츠토토존 International Drone Football Federation with 18 countries participating.

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