Professional baseball KIA’s bat is scary.

They succeeded in winning 9 games in a row for the first time in 10 years, and the average score during this period was close to 9 points.

The gap with second place was also narrowed to three games.

KIA leads by 7 points in the top of the 9th inning.

A group sing-along begins in the Jamsil away stands.

“It’s raining on the Honam Line~ On the southbound train~ Through the shaking window~”

consecutive wins in 10 years. KIA fans also stopped for a moment on their way home

as they felt something they hadn’t felt in a long time . KIA’s rise is dramatic, to say the least.  토토

At one point, they were ranked 9th, but starting with KT on the 24th of last month, they defeated Hanwha, NC, SSG, and Doosan, making it Pajuk’s 9th consecutive win. 

The current ranking is 5th, but there are 3 games ahead of 2nd place KT. This is a situation that can strike at any time. [Na Seong-beom/KIA] “It’s fun to come out to the baseball stadium these days.

It’s fun and the fans support us so passionately, so it’s really fun and I think I’m just having fun.” 

The secret to 9 consecutive wins is a hot bat. The average score during the winning streak is close to 9 points, but it is even more scary not knowing where the winning hit will come from is different each time.

 In particular, players who joined mid-season, such as Na Seong-beom, who hit an all-team home run in 47 games, and Kim Do-young, who hit a huge home run and even showed off a bat flip, ignited an explosion in the batting lineup. 

[Kim Do-young/KIA] “Rather than my home run, I am very happy that the team has won 9 games in a row, and I feel very happy that I am part of it.” KIA is trying for its 10th consecutive win in 14 years since winning the overall championship in 2009.

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