[Women’s World Cup] Marta and Ruffino lose… Carmona Miyazawa rises

The last appearance of Ruffino, the symbol of the US national team, was ‘missing the penalty shootout’

Martha Sinclair, failed to score in six tournaments in a row and was eliminated from the group stage… Bitter finish

Spain champions Carmona, 5 goals Golden Boot Miyazawa as ‘divine’

FIFA Women’s World Cup

At the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand,

which ended with Spain’s first-ever victory on the 20th,

many stars that have embroidered the ground have fallen and a divinity has emerged.

Among the ‘Jin Stars’ in this tournament, the player that the fans would have sent off sadly was Marta (37),

who is recognized as the ‘legend of women’s soccer’.

Marta, who holds the record for the most goals in the tournament with 17 goals in the Women’s World Cup,

this was her sixth and final World Cup performance. 카지노사이트

Although her body was not feeling well due to her knee injury,

she enthusiastically participated in the tournament to erase the regrettable memory of leading Brazil

to its first ever championship and finishing runner-up in the 2007 Chinese tournament.

However, Marta and Brazil’s dream of winning the championship ended in vain with the shocking ‘elimination from the group stage’.

At the press conference, Marta burst into tears, saying, “It’s very difficult to speak in this situation.

The World Cup stage I’ve been dreaming of has become my worst nightmare.”

However, he left the World Cup stage resolutely, saying, “Now, 20 years have passed (after my debut),

I have become a role model not only for soccer but for many women around the world.”

Megan Ruffino

Even in the United States, which was also shockingly eliminated in the round of 16 and failed to achieve its championship goal, Megan Ruffino (38, OL Lane) lost a star.

Ruffino is a leading figure in the renaissance of American women’s soccer in the 2010s.

Possessing both precise kicks and activity, he is a star who has created several famous scenes that will decorate a page in American soccer history,

such as an assist for the equalizer that resulted in a penalty shoot-out in the 2011 Germany World Cup quarterfinal against Brazil.

Ruffino, a lesbian, was also a symbol of the American LGBTQ and gender equality movement.

He also took the lead in the campaign to equalize participation allowances between men’s and women’s national teams.

However, the ending was rather shabby.

In the round of 16 match against Sweden, Ruffino, who started as a shootout kicker,

missed, and the United States was eventually eliminated.

Ruffino will no longer be seen on the World Cup stage as he will retire from his active career at the end of this season.

Top Scorer in Women’s Soccer

Canada’s Christine Sinclair (40, Portland), the all-time top scorer in women’s soccer A-match (190 goals), has not escaped the years.

Sinclair played in all three of Canada’s group stage matches,

but ended up scoreless, and Canada was eliminated from the group stage.

If Sinclair scored just one goal, she could have set a new record for scoring in six consecutive Women’s World Cups.

For the time being, the record in this category will remain as Sinclair and Marta’s joint title (scores in 5 consecutive competitions).

Missing a self-earned penalty in the first group match against Nigeria is a regrettable moment that will long be remembered by Sinclair and Canadian soccer fans.

A lot of ‘morning stars’ appeared in Spain, the winning team.

Spain’s World Cup challenge was expected to be difficult as Alexia Putellas,

a two-time Ballon d’Or winner who has been a mainstay of the team, could not fully recover from an injury.

However, the young players did more than their part and completed the drama.

Left full-back Olga Carmona (23, Real Madrid) scored the winning goal in a row in the semifinal match against Sweden (2-1) and the final match against England (1-0), contributing to the victory.

The mid-range shot he hit whenever he had a chance was one of Spain’s most powerful weapons in this tournament.

Salma Parayuelo (19, Barcelona), a teenage striker who scored two goals, also shined.

With a height of 174 cm and a solid physique, she displayed a higher level of athletic ability than existing female strikers,

making her look forward to ‘the future’ more.


Japanese striker Hinata Miyazawa (23, Sendai) won the Golden Boot (top scorer) with five goals and emerged as a world-class goal scorer.

Equipped with both speed and decisiveness, Miyazawa showed off his terrifying scoring ability

by scoring multiple goals in the group stage match against Spain.

Miyazawa was at the center of the ‘light speed attack’ that Japan showed in this tournament.

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