[Women’s World Cup] Spain, who lost 0-4 to Japan, beat ‘European Champions’ England to win the championship

Carmona kept the winning goal and won 1-0… The first ever Women’s World Cup victory,

8 years after advancing to the first finals in 2015, ‘Great Work’…

Last year’s women’s Euro quarterfinal defeat, midfielder Bonmati, Golden Ball honor…

The young player is Parayuelo, born in 2003.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Spain beat ‘European champions’ England in the final of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup to become ‘world champions’ for the first time.

Although it was a “latecomer” to the Women’s World Cup that only appeared in the finals at the 2015 Canadian tournament,

it wrote history by winning the championship eight years later.

Spain Defeated England

Spain defeated England 1-0 in the final of the tournament held at Stadium Australia in Sydney,

Australia on the afternoon of the 20th and stood at the top. 카지노

After a clear win (3-0) against Costa Rica in the first match of the tournament, Spain was cruising with a huge win (5-0) against Zambia.

Even when it lost 0-4 in Group C against Japan, Spain seemed unlikely to win.

However, he showed off his firepower in the round of 16 (5-1) against Switzerland without caring about it,

won the match by beating the runner-up Netherlands and third-place team Sweden 2-1 in turn.

Spain, which was eliminated from the group stage of the 2015 World Cup in Canada

reached the round of 16 in France in 2019, jumped up to the final winner in four years.

European Women’s Football Championship

Spain also suffered defeat in the quarterfinals

of the European Women’s Football Championship (Women’s Euro 2022) last year.

At that time, Spain lost to England 1-2 after extra time, and England,

which was on the momentum, eventually won the championship cup.

It is the first time in 16 years that a European team has won the Women’s World Cup since Germany in 2007.

So far, the United States has won twice (2015 and 2019) and Japan has won once (2011).

Midfielder Aitana Bonmati

Midfielder Aitana Bonmati, who led Spain’s attack throughout the tournament as a member of FC Barcelona (Spain),

won the Golden Ball given to the best player.

Even striker Salma Parayuelo, born in 2003,

who fought against the defense from the front with a solid physique and quick feet, was honored with the Young Player Award and Spain won the ‘three crowns’.

It was England who threatened the goal first at the beginning of the game.

In the 16th minute of the first half, Lauren Hemp’s surprise left-footed shot hit the crossbar near the penalty arc.

A minute later, Spain also had a golden opportunity.

Both Parauelo and Alba Redondo’s consecutive shots went inside the goal, but were blocked by goalkeeper Mary Earps.

England’s ball possession was kept at 30%, and Spain, which continued to attack,

finally opened the opponent’s goal in the 29th minute of the first half.

Spain started a counterattack by stealing the ball near the half-line,

Olga Carmona rushed through a pass given by Mario or Caldentei from the left flank and stabbed the bottom corner of the goal opposite the kick with her left foot.


England, which needed a comeback goal,

almost collapsed in the 19th minute of the second half when Kira Walsh made a painful mistake.

While trying to block Caldentay’s breakthrough in the penalty area, he was hit by Walsh’s hand and the direction of the ball changed.

At the end of the video review (VAR), a handball foul was declared.

Again, the Erps pulled the team out of the quagmire.

Erps, who read the direction of Henifer Hermoso’s penalty kick, roared after hitting the ball.

However, while England’s attack faltered afterwards,

Spain’s coach Jorge Vilda made a last-minute decision.

Alexia Putyas

Alexia Putyas, who won the Women’s Ballon d’Or and the FIFA Female Player of the Year award in a row in 2021 and 2022,

but was unable to play in this tournament due to a knee injury, was put in in the 45th minute of the second half.

England, which was busy trying to stop Spain,

which was aggressively attacking until the last minute, centered on Putellas, failed to achieve a turnaround.

The English players, unable to create a shooting opportunity while fighting wildly,

had to watch their opponent triumphantly win the championship in front of cheering Spanish fans.

On this day, 75,784 spectators, the maximum capacity, entered the stadium.

Earps, who kept the goal despite Spain’s offensive with 14 shots,

eased his disappointment by being selected as the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

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