The mere mention of both players’ names in the same sentence is magnificent. They are legends and legends.

Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona) and Harry Kane (Bayern Munich). Lewandowski welcomed Kane to Bayern Munich. It’s a grand welcome.

Lewandowski wore a Bayern Munich jersey from 2014 to 2022 and was one of the best strikers in the world. He was a bomber, scoring 344 goals in 375 appearances over eight seasons.

He is second on Bayern Munich’s all-time goalscoring list behind Gerd Muller (563). During that time, he won 19 titles, including eight Bundesliga titles and one UEFA Champions League (UCL) title. He also won one ‘treble’.

Lewandowski left Bayern Munich at the end of the 2021-22 season to join Barcelona. The Bavarians then went into a downward spiral. They let the legendary striker go and brought in Sadio Mane, who couldn’t fill the void.

Bayern Munich searched hard for a striker to replace Lewandowski, and they found the perfect one. Tottenham legend Kane. Bayern Munich spent £100 million ($169.3 billion) on Lewandowski’s replacement, the club’s highest transfer fee ever.

Kane has been in a Bayern Munich shirt ever since, and he proved why they signed him with a goal and an assist against Werder Bremen in the first round of the German Bundesliga.

Kane, who followed in his 사설토토 footsteps to Bayern Munich. Lewandowski conveyed his feelings through the German ‘Bild’. He cheered him on and gave him advice.

Lewandowski added: “I am very happy to see Kane at Bayern Munich. Kane is a great striker, no doubt about it. It’s a great transfer that will improve not only Bayern Munich, but the whole of Germany. The England captain will surely show what he can do at Bayern Munich.”

And then he added a final word of significance. “The Bundesliga is not an easy league,” Lewandowski said.

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