Gwangju City prepares detailed standards for sports activities in response to heat wave


When a heat warning is issued in Gwangju, citizens cannot use outdoor sports facilities.


The city of Gwangju announced on Wednesday that it has prepared and implemented detailed standards for sports activities in response to the heat wave.

While reflecting the recommendations of the Sports Safety Foundation, 성인웹툰 the implementation guidelines,

which differed from one organization to another, were aligned with the special heat advisory standards.

The standards will be applied by autonomous districts, public corporations,

public corporations, investment and performance organizations,

city sports associations, and sports associations for the disabled.

Indoor sports facilities without air conditioning should not be used even if a heat advisory is issued.

If there is air conditioning, it is recommended to refrain from using the facility and to prohibit use if there are patients.

The elderly, children, and others should be discouraged from using the facility during a heat advisory.

Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports facilities are prohibited during heat warnings and should be avoided during warnings.

If a warning or advisory is issued one day before an athletic event,

it is recommended that the head of the organizing or hosting organization, 일본야동 competition supervisor, etc.

review whether the event should be held and take measures to prepare for the heat, or postpone or cancel the event.

On the day of the event (3 hours before the start time)

an emergency meeting is also held to decide whethe

to hold the event and recommend canceling the event if a warning is issued.

However, professional baseball and soccer are not covered, Gwangju said.

While there have been cases of professional baseball

and soccer games being canceled due to fine dust,

none have been canceled due to heat.

“The standards, such as prohibiting the use of outdoor sports facilities during heat warnings,

are designed with citizens and daily athletes in mind,”한국야동 said a Gwangju official.

Gwangju has provided the guidelines to organizations

that manage sports facilities and to institutions and organization

that have planned sports events in August and September.

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