ADELAIDE (AP) – Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is closer to Antarctica than South Korea.The distance from Adelaide to the South Pole is 5,000 kilometers, while the distance from South Korea is more than 7,000 kilometers.This seemingly ‘otherworldly’ place on the other side of the world also has a history of bad blood with Korean soccer.South Korean soccer suffered an “unjustified knockout round exit” at Adelaide’s Hindmarsh Stadium 23 years ago.At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the men’s national soccer team, led by Heo Jung-moo, played all three of their group games at the stadium.On Sept. 14, 2000, the team was down 0-3 in their first game against Spain, and there was nowhere to turn.Desperate for a win, Heo’s second opponent on the 17th of that month was Morocco.Early in the second half, former Ryan City (Singapore) coach Kim Do-hoon won a penalty kick and kicker Lee Ik-soo (retired) finished off the rebound after the goalkeeper made a save, leaving Heo smiling.Buoyed by the 1-0 win over Morocco, Heo Jung-Moo-ho held off Chile (1-0) three days later to secure back-to-back wins.However, despite winning two out of three games, the team was eliminated from the group stage.Chile, Spain, and South Korea all finished with two wins and one loss, meaning that first and second place in the group was decided on goal difference.South Korea became the ‘hapless group three’ and had to travel with Morocco, who had lost all three games.Heo Jung-Moo-ho’s dreams of scoring multiple goals against Chile were dashed when Lee Ik-Su was sent off in the 11th minute.After tangling with Sebastian Gonzalez, Lee was kicked 카지노사이트킹 in the face with his foot and sent off.The media dubbed it an “Adelaide nightmare” as the team failed to advance out of the group stage after two wins.Coincidentally, 23 years later, the women’s national team would face another crisis at the FIFA World Cup in Adelaide.Colleen Bell’s side lost 0-1 to Morocco at the same stadium on Tuesday afternoon.The team was in desperate need of a win against Morocco after losing their World Cup Group H opener against Colombia 0-2 on Sept. 25.The loss was even more stinging because Morocco (72nd) is ranked lower in the FIFA rankings than Korea (17th) and is making its first World Cup appearance.Morocco is the first Arab country to qualify for the Women’s World Cup. It’s also a first for the North African region.As a result, their participation in the tournament was highly publicized, with the New York Times reporting that “Morocco has already won,” and Korea was sacrificed for the historic “first win.Moreover, the prospects for the ‘first win’ of the tournament are dim as the last opponent in the group stage is Germany, the second-ranked team in the FIFA rankings, which defeated Morocco 6-0.They also failed to end a losing streak that dates back to the Round of 16 against France in Canada 2015. The loss to Morocco was their sixth straight defeat.

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