Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai) eventually received Antoine Griezmann (Atletico)’s uniform.

The team K League won 3-2 in the first leg of the “Coupang Play Series” against Atletico Madrid (ATM) at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th.

It was a famous game, and the K League gave up the first goal to Tomar Rema in the first half, but Anton’s equalizer early in the second half balanced the game. Atletico’s Carlos scored another goal in the 39th minute of the second half, but the K League won with Palosevic’s penalty kick and Lee Soon-min’s come-from-behind goal.

Seol Young-woo, who met with reporters after the game, said, “It was the most difficult and hectic game. The opponent’s counterattack speed was the same as the actual game. There was no way to stop it, not to mention the accuracy of the pass

Regarding winning despite this, he said, “It is a valuable experience in life. Like coach Hong Myung-bo, I also wanted to win, but honestly, I thought the chances were not high. Even so, I think it will be an unforgettable memory by winning.”

Seol Young-woo developed a relationship with Griezmann through this Coupang Play series. Griezmann became a hot topic in an interview with Coupang when he said, “I got to know Seol Young-woo through a game.” Seol Young-woo expressed his desire to exchange his jersey after facing Griezmann before the game.

In the end, the Griezmann uniform went to Seol Young-woo. Seol Young-woo said, “As soon as the game was over, I waited and said to Griezmann in bad English, ‘I’m Seol Young-woo, change your shirt?’ Then he said he knew me and told me to wait a bit. So he waited about 20 minutes, got his uniform, and gave it a high five. I’ve never waited for someone like this before, but it was only possible because of Griez.”

Seol Young-woo worked full-time on this day. Initially, 22 players were scheduled to share the playing time, but on the day of the match, team K-League defender Timo (Gwangju FC) was unable to play due to a positive reaction to the corona. Seol Young-woo was the only one who digested all 90 minutes.

Seol Young-woo said, “Before the game, the coach asked me, and I said it was okay. Timo suddenly got sick, so we talked among ourselves that someone should play full-time.” Director Hong calls Seol Young-woo a ‘country guy’, but he laughed, saying, “I’m still a country guy, so I think I’ll probably keep this title for the rest of my life.”

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