The annual salary offered by Mbappe is 564 billion won, not 1 trillion won…The key to negotiation is the contract period.

Details of Al-Hilal’s offer to Paris Saint-Germain and Kylian Mbappe have been revealed.

“Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal offered PSG and Mbafe a total of 700 million euros (about 1 trillion won) for a one-year contract.”

According to reports, out of 700 million euros, 300 million euros (approximately 423 billion won) are Mbafe’s transfer fees, and 400 million euros (approximately 564 billion won) are found to be Mbafe’s annual salary.

There is also the possibility of a redistribution of the total amount of the contract. Mbappe wants an annual salary of 500 million euros (approximately 705 billion won), including bonus provisions. If this happens, it is explained that the transfer fee PSG will collect will be reduced to 200 million euros (approximately 282 billion won).

Mbappe rejected the love calls of many big clubs in 2018 and left Monaco to PSG. PSG invested 180 million euros (approximately 257.1 billion won) for the recruitment of Mbappe, expecting him to play an active role as the next-generation ace.

PSG’s choice was not wrong. Mbappe has been on a steep rise since joining PSG. Including 39 goals in his first season, he has been consistently responsible for more than 30 goals every season, and has been rated as the world’s best striker.

A solid future is guaranteed. Mbappe signed a new contract with PSG last year. His contract expires in 2024, with a one-year extension possible if the player wishes.

The relationship between PSG and Mbafe, which seemed firm, has recently been sharply frozen. It was the beginning that Mbappe expressed his intention to leave the team without further contract extension in 2024.

It wasn’t PSG to keep an eye on. If Mbappe does not agree to a contract extension right away, he has taken a hardline attitude that he will sell him this summer.

Among them, Al-Hilal jumped into the recruitment of Mbappe. Al-Hilal, who is eager to collect star players, has emerged as a powerful next destination for Mbafe with overwhelming financial power.

It is not a level that can guarantee a transfer. The media said, “Al-Hilal and Mbafe could not reach an individual agreement because they had differences over the contract period.”

According to reports, Al-Hilal has offered a two-year deal, while Mbappe prefers a one-year contract. It is interpreted as an intention to fulfill his dream of joining Real Madrid in 2024 after his one-year contract.

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