‘Shaolin Soccer’ wins 1, loses 1 Away test against China leaves only scars

The South Korean Under-24 soccer team finished a friendly against China with a 1-1 draw. It was a chance for the team to experience the local weather and game management before the Hangzhou Asian Games, but the team’s main players suffered pull-ups and the loss was a disappointment. An exhibition match against China at the Hangzhou Asian Games soccer stadium. We won the first game 3-1, but lost the second game 0-1. Along 바카라사이트 with the ‘1 win, 1 loss’ report card came injuries. After key flanker Uhm Won-sang, who scored two goals on his own in the first match, was sent home early with a right ankle injury, the second match was riddled with injuries amid China’s rough play. In the first half, frontline striker Cho Young-wook collided with an opponent during a header, and in the second half, Ko Young-joon left the field with a limp after being tripped and crushed by an opponent. Coach Hwang Sun-hong was deeply saddened by the injuries. However, he emphasized the ‘good’ outweighing the ‘bad’ in that the team tried to adapt to the local conditions and use different combinations of players, saying that it was a situation that could have happened at the Asian Games. “I think it’s quite positive that we can adapt to the local climate and weather, and that there are enough situations that can come out in the main competition of the Asian Games But with key attacking players suffering strains in the last official call-up before the Asian Games, and China being an opponent that hasn’t won an Asian Games medal since 1998, the aftertaste is bound to be bitter. Notably, it’s been about 11 years since an Asian Games-qualified age-group soccer team has lost to China.

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