South Korean soccer player Son Jun-ho has been detained by Chinese authorities.

If the investigation is prolonged, there is a risk that he will not be able to continue playing, but for now, coach Klinsmann is still waiting for him. South Korean midfielder Son Jun-ho is facing a judicial crisis as Chinese public security authorities have launched a criminal detention followed by a custodial investigation. His career is at a critical juncture as he faces months of detention, possibly as long as a year, before his first trial. The Korea Football Association, which dispatched a staff member to China and returned empty-handed, is continuing to monitor the situation. However, an official from the association said that it is difficult to get a clear picture of the current situation even through diplomatic channels such as consulates. Coach Klinsmann also expressed that there is nothing he can do for Son right now, but he hopes he will be with the team when they travel to Wales in September. “There’s nothing we can do at the moment. We 토토 pray for Son and hope that the situation will be finalized soon. I hope he can be with us in September.” Team captain Son Heung-min also expressed his sadness. “I’m very close to (Son) Jun-ho, and I’m more worried because even if I send him a text, he doesn’t answer in the end… I hope he gets a good result and can come back to the team as soon as possible.”Given that the player under investigation is eligible for the national team, the KFA will wait for the final results of the investigation. However, if he faces a lengthy absence from the field regardless of the outcome, it is unlikely that he will be able to quickly regain his form even after being released from custody.

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