Pepper Savings Bank libero Ji-Young Oh

Pepper Savings Bank’s “national libero” Oh Ji-young (35) expressed her confidence in the new ball for the new season.

Oh Ji-young attended the Pepper Savings Bank media day at the Gwangju Yeomju Gymnasium in Gwangju on Nov. 19 and talked about the new official ball.

The Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) signed an official ball contract for the next three seasons with Wave Company, the exclusive Korean importer of FIVB’s official ball Mikasa, on the same day.

Players who have been using the official ball from Star have had to adapt to the new ball. Especially for the libero position, where reception is crucial, ball adaptation is an essential part of the off-season.

Those who have been selected for the national team and played internationally have had an easier time adjusting to the new ball, but Oh Ji-young of Pepper Savings Bank says she prefers the Mikasa ball, saying, “I think it’s easier.”

“With the Star ball, the ball feels sensitive when you receive it. You have to handle it like a baby.” “On the other hand, the Mikasa ball feels like I can play with it well. Personally, I think it’s easier to receive,” he laughed.

Oh Ji-young joined Pepper Savings Bank from GS Caltex in a trade midway through last season. Although they finished last for two consecutive seasons, the team has become a tougher opponent since her arrival.

“The players on our team are mostly young, and they feel like a blank slate, but they are quick to learn,” said Oh. “I think veterans can make a big difference if they are centered around young players with high growth potential.”

Another change with the ball is the addition of foreign players in the Asian Quarterfinals, where teams can have as many as two foreign attackers, which means more work for the libero.

“Of course I’m going to be busy, and I think that’s my role,” says Oh, “A libero is like a pillar in a building. If the pillar collapses, the building will collapse, 스포츠토토 so I want to support the team so that we can become a more solid and stronger team.”

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